Interview with Leif Pareli

Leif Pareli, spring 2016. Photo: Mona Moe Ribaut
Leif Pareli, spring 2016. Photo: Mona Moe Ribaut

When Homofile bevegelse i Bergen (Homophile movement of Bergen) was started in 1979, Leif Pareli (born 1948) became the first leader of the organisation. After that he also participated in the creation of Fellesrådet for homofile organisasjoner i Norge (FHO), and he was the editor of the members' magazine Frimerket. The excerpt below is from Skeivt arkivs oral history interview with Leif spring 2016. Amongst the things he spoke of was his first experiences with the gay social environment in Bergen in the mid-1970s.

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