The cover of the second issue of Lavendelexpressen
The cover of the second issue of Lavendelexpressen

The journal Lavendelexpressen (1976-?), or, The Lavender Express, was created by members of Lesbisk bevegelse, and printed by Sfinxa, a lesbian printing house. The journal's first, hand printed, issue claims that "roughly 5 lesbians" took part in the work of creating the first issue, and that they were all members of Lesbisk Bevegelse (Lesbian Movement). Three of these women were Britt Andersen, Marianne Olsen and Catrine Telle. Later issues were created by differing constellations of women, and as in most of the organisations based at Kvinnehuset (the Women's House), Lavendelexpressen had a flat organizational structure. According to sociologist Runa Haukaa the journal had an imprint of 500-600 (Haukaa 1982: 159).


Forside av Lavendelexpressen nr. 1, 1976
Forside av Lavendelexpressen nr. 1, 1976.

Skeivt arkiv has most issues of Lavendelexpressen in their collections.


Haukaa, Runa. 1982. Bak slagordene. Den nye kvinnebevegelsen i Norge. Oslo: Pax.

Other sources

Information from Britt Andersen, Inge Ås and Kjersti Fjeldstad.

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