Help Skeivt arkiv translate history

You can help our queer stories reach a wider audience.

The Norwegian Queer archive has gathered many queer life stories on video. Extracts from most of the interviews have been published on Facebook and Youtube. The videos have proven to be very popular, especially on Facebook.

This collection of stories paints a fascinating picture of the changing Norwegian society the last few decades, from laws prohibiting gay sex to the current mainstream queer culture. You are invited to help make the stories available to a wider audience.

See the Youtube playlist here.

The tool
You may write subtitles in any language for our videos. Youtube provides a great tool we currently use to produce subtitles
in Norwegian and English. Based on the Norwegian or English text, anyone wishing to write new text can give it a go. Youtube offers 139 languages ​​to choose from. (Further instructions below) There is of course also an opportunity to make an improved version of the English subtitles, which are generated automatically with any basic mistakes corrected.

Larger audience
We believe our videos about queer life in Norway the last few decades, may be of interest to a larger audience around the world. English, not to mention Norwegian, does not reach everyone.

Facebook also
The subtitles you make using the tool provided by Youtube, will also subsequently be publihsed with our Facebook-videos.

Youtube has introduced control mechanisms that will stop abuse. Anything other than serious and correct contributions will be stopped. The subtitles will also approved by Skeivt arkiv before publication on Youtube.

Here's how to do it:

The making of subtitles is done on computer / mac, not mobile.

  • Go to
  • Type in: "Skeivt arkiv livshistorier" and choose the playlist you see on top.
  • Choose one of the videos in the playlist you would like to subtitle.
  • Below the video, you will see three dots (the exact position varies).
  • Click on the dots and some choices will appear.
  • Select "Add translations" (If ou need the English version also, click "Open transcript" and choose English.)
  • A new window will appear. Choose "Add new subtitle".
  • Choose the language you want to use.
  • Select "Create new subtitle".
  • You can choose "Automatically Translate" (for some languages) and then review and make corrections, or simply enter your language under the original.
  • Please also translate "Title and description" (you find the option in the upper left corner).

It might be slow work in the beginnign, but you will quickly get the hang of it. Thank you for your contribution to the dissemination of Norwegian queer history!