Agnes Bolsø (født 1953)

Agnes Bolsø. Photo: Skeivt arkiv
Agnes Bolsø. Photo: Skeivt arkiv
Bolsø is one of Norway's most noted researchers on gender and identity. Her work was strongly critized in the TV series "Hjernevask" (Brain washing) by and with Harald Eia. Bolsø later filed a complaint about the show to the Norwegian broadcasting board.

I her interview, Bolsø speaks of her childhood, and how she first married a man and had two children with him before living as an out lesbian. She also speaks in detail about her research and how it has frequently been met with resistance. 

In this excerpt from the interview, Bolsø gives her definition of queer theory, with which she has worked for many years. She has also published the book Folk flest er skeive ("Most people are queer") on the topic.

The full interview is available at Skeivt arkiv's reading room. Skeivt arkiv met Agnes Bolsø in Trondheim, September 2017. 


Hetroseksualitet var også en diagnose.