Calle Almedal (1945-2018)

Calle Almedal. Photographer: Mette Espedal.
Calle Almedal. Photographer: Mette Espedal.

Calle Almedal came from France to Bergen in the summer of 2014 to be interviewed by Skeivt arkiv about his life and experiences. Almedal is particularly known for his work in the fight against HIV and AIDS. He was among the very first in Norway to gain significant knowledge about the disease, and started working on preventative measures and information campaigns as early as 1983. In the clip available here, Almedal talks about the first time he learnt of Gay Related Immune Deficiency during a visit to New York in 1982, and the impact this knowledge had.

Calle Almedal passed away in 2018. 

The full length interview is available at Skeivt arkivs reading room. 

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