Gro Lindstad (born 1960)

Gro Lindstad. Photo: Jo Hjelle
Gro Lindstad. Photo: Jo Hjelle
A central figure in Det norske forbundet av 1948 in the 80s, and a key player in the formation of the new joint organization LLH, Gro Lindstad was the last leader of DNF-48 before the merging with Fellesrådet for homofile organisasjoner, and she was the first leader of LLH, from the creation in 1992, to 1998.

Lindstad was one of the most important figures of the Norwegian LGBT+ movement for many years. She was head of the Norwegian LGBT+ organisation LLH, which later became FRI. She also worked internationally through International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA). She has continued this work, and today she is the head of FOKUS- Forum for Women and Development, which works to promote women's empowerment, rights and access to resources.

In this extract from the interview you can hear the story of how she as a young girl was looking for more information on being a lesbian. But it was nowhere to be found. She then decided to see the world, she got a job on a ship and went to sea.

The whole conversation is available at our study space. We met her in Oslo, april 2019.

Lindstad has also donated her private archive to us.



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