Inge Ås (born 1953)

Inge Ås. Foto: Skeivt arkiv
Inge Ås. Foto: Skeivt arkiv

In the interview, feminist Inge Ås speaks of her childhood and how she developed a political consciousness. She also speaks of the feminist demonstrations she participated in, and how she and several other women occupied newspaper Dagbladet's editorial offices as a protest against their porn advertising. At Kvinnehuset (The Women's House) she also was part of the lesbian printing press Sfinxa. 

In this excerpt from the interview she tells the story of a protest against the gay men at Venstres hus. 

The full interview is available at Skeivt arkiv's reading room at UiB. Inge Ås was interviewed by Tone Hellesund in 2015. 


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