Ingebjørg Jensen (born 1954)

Ingebjørg Jensen. Photo: Skeivt arkiv
Ingebjørg Jensen. Photo: Skeivt arkiv
Ingebjørg Jensen has been active in the Bergen queer scene through many years. She was among other things the regular songwriter for the comedy group/band Lystige lepper.

In our interview with Ingebjørg Jensen she speaks of her childhood in Laksevåg, Bergen, confusing teenage years where she was completely alone with her feelings of being different, and finally the realization and acceptance of being a lesbian. She talks of her time in Spain, where she lived with a partner from 1980 onward. She worked as an english teacher and freelance journalist. When she returned to Bergen in 1985 she became a member of DNF-48s women's group. 

She has lived in several different places, following her journalism career. She lived in Karmøy for a periode in the 1970s, and worked for Karmøy-bladet, and for a short time Gula Tidend. She has also written for queer periodical Fritt Fram, and the radical newspaper Klassekampen. She has returned to Spain for longer periods of time, and done charity work there as well as in Norway. She was also a member of Blue Nipple (later Lystige lepper) from the start of the comedy group in 1996, as a song writer and member. 

In this excerpt from the interview, Jensen speaks of the disagreement on the queer movement's stance on porn, a disagreement predominantly along gender lines. She joined a women's group during the conflict, but there were new and other issues to be dealt with. 

The interview in full is available at Skeivt arkiv's reading room at UiB. We met Ingebjørg Jensen at her home in Bergen in September 2018. 




- De trodde vi hadde aids på fingrene