Merethe Giertsen (born 1960)

From a young age Merethe Giertsen was engaged in the radical left and queer scene in her home town. Today Giertsen is a senior lecturer at UiT.

Giertsen grew up in Bergen. From a young age she was engaged in various activist groups, such as Sappho Lesbian Front and Homosexual Movement Bergen (HBB). She moved to Alta, the northernmost part of continental Europe, over thirty years ago. Also here she became a part of the LGBT+ movement, first in DNF-48 Finnmark, later in LLH Finnmark. 

In this clip from our interview you can hear her tell the story of how a year at a Folk High School made a huge impact on the rest of her life.

Today she is a senior lecturer at The Artic University of Norway and is married to Sigfried Ingebjørg Hernes. Hernes is also interviewed for the archive. 

Our conversation with Giertsen is available at our study space. We met her in Alta, March 2019.




Merethe ville ikke til psykiater.