New coworkers at Skeivt Arkiv

The fall semester had a hectic start at Skeivt Arkiv, with some coworkers joining and some leaving. Project manager Tone Hellesund and senior academic librarian Simon Mitternacht are employees at the University library in Bergen and they have worked with Skeivt Arkiv in parallel with their regular duties.

Now we've however got some new coworkers who have Skeivt Arkiv as their main project. Historian Runar Jordåen was hired as the new project manager from August 1st, 2014. Jordåen has written about queer history both at the master's and doctoral level, and he's well acquainted with the norwegian history. On September 1st Hannah Gillow Kloster and Heidi Dybwik-Rafto joined as well. Gillow Kloster has a master's degree in digital humanities and Dybwik-Rafto in social anthropology. Both are very enthusiastic when it comes to preserving and spreading knowledge about queer history.

From November 1st Hellesund will be assistant professor in ethnology at the University of Bergen. She will continue to be in close contact with Skeivt Arkiv and will focus on queer histoy in her research and teaching.