OUTing The Past Bergen 2019

Outing the past
Outing the past
For the first time, Norway is part of this international festival, which in 2019 is arranged in 18 cities in Europe and the US. March 16th, queer history will be available for all at Bergen Public Library.

Skeivt arkiv is behind OUTing the Past Bergen, and we present six talks with queer history as the central topic. 


SIGRID SANDAL: The administrative practice to demand irreversible sterilization to recognize the correct legal gender in Norway. (Lecture in Norwegian.)

JEANETTE SOLSTAD: Respecting Diversity. (Lecture in English.)


ELISABETH LUND ENGEBRETSEN: A brief History of Pride Activism in Norway, 1969-2019. (Lecture in English.)

SIRI SUNDE: The Church and Love (Lecture in Norwegian.)


TONJE LOUISE SKJOLDHAMMER: Offensive and Unseemly Behavior, prosecution of sex between women in the mid-eighteen hundreds in Norway. (Lecture in Norwegian.)

GARY CHAPMAN: The Rocky Twins. Norway's outrageous Jazz age beauties. (Lecture in English.)



Questions and conversations. 

Free admission.

Read more about the festival OUTing the Past at outingthepast.com.



Gary Chapman is the author of The Rocky Twins. Norway’s Outrageous Jazz Age Beauties (Edditt Publishing, 2018). He has also written The Dolly Sisters: Icons of the Jazz Age (Edditt Publishing, 2013).

Elisabeth Lund Engebretsen is Associate Professor in gender studies at The University of Stavanger, Norway. Her research has been focussed on queer and gender identities in modern China. She is author of Queer Women in Urban China. An Ethnography (Routledge, 2013) and co-editor (with Willam F. Schroeder and Hongwei Bao) of Queer/Tongzhi China. New Perspectives on Research, Activism, and Media Cultures (NIAS press, 2015).  She is currently working on a book about Norwegian pride activism from the 1970s to present.

Sigrid Sandal is a historian (M.A.) from the University of Bergen. Her master thesis is En særlig trang til å ville forandre sit kjønn’ Kjønnsskiftebehandling i Norge 1952–1982 [A particular urge to change one’s own gender. Gender reassignment treatment in Norway 1952–1982] (University of Bergen, 2017).

Tonje Louise Skjoldhammer is a historian. Her master thesis, on which her talk is based, is “Forargeligt og Uteerligt Forhold.” Rettsforfølgelse av sex mellom kvinner på midten av 1800-tallet i Norge [Offensive and Unseemly Behaviour. Prosecution of sex between women in the mid-eighteen hundreds in Norway].

Jeanette Solstad is a trans activist from Ulsteinvik, living in Oslo. From 1969 to 1982 she was a military officer in the Norwegian Navy – the last four years as a submarine captain. As a trans activist Solstad became famous for her campaign against the Norwegian state who declined her application to change her legal gender withouth having surgical treatment. The campaign, supported by Amnesty International, drew a lot of attention from all over the world.

Siri Sunde is apriest in the (lutheran) Church of Norway. She graduated as a theologian (cand. theol.)at the University of Oslo 1994. In 1996 she became chaplain, but her civil partnership with Eleanor Brenna, registered in 1997, caused a controversy within the church. as well as extensive media coverage. Finally liberal bishop Rosemarie Köhn defied the official policy of the church, allowing her to continue in her position. She is now the parish priest in Brøttum, Hedmark (Eastern Norway).