Queer stories

Skeive historier, or "Queer Stories", started as a documentation project, a part of the large survey on income and living conditions Seksuell orientering og levekår (Sexual Orientation and Living Conditions) (Anderssen, Norman og Kirsti Malterud ed. 2013: Seksuell orientering og levekår. Bergen: Uni Helse). Tone Hellesund was the project manager for the subproject Skeive historier, which aimed to collect anonymous stories, reflecting different aspects of queer lives. These stories are now a part of Skeivt arkiv, and we still encourage submissions from anyone who might consider writing something about their life and experiences as a part of queer history. These stories can bring a wider understanding of what queer lives and living conditions in our time encompass, for researchers, journalists, queer organisations and the general public today and in the future. 

Most stories are in Norwegian, and will not be translated as they are a personal, subjective narrative with a strong base in the language chosen by each submitter, but all stories that are submitted in English will be made available on this page.