Sigfrid Ingebjørg Hernes (born 1956)

Sigfrid Ingebjørg Hernes. Photo: Jo Hjelle
Sigfrid Ingebjørg Hernes. Foto: Jo Hjelle
Sigrid Hernes has been active in several LGBT organizations, such as DNF-48, HBB (Homosexual movement, Bergen), Sappho Lesbian Front, and LLH Finnmark. Hernes har vært aktiv i DNF-48, HHB, Sappho lesbisk front og LLH Finnmark.

In our interview, Hernes talks about her childhood at Voss and early formative years in Bergen. She pursued higher education in Oslo and Germany, and has lived and worked in Alta the last few decades. 

-Yes, but it's easy! In an excerpt from the interview she talks about the process she went through to accept herself and who she is. 

Hernes is married to Merethe Giertsen, and the two live togehter in Alta.

The complete interview is available at Skeivt arkiv's reading room. Skeivt arkiv met Sigrid Ingebjørg Hernes in Alta, in March 2019. 


Sigfrid Ingebjørg Hernes