Aase Prøitz (born 1951)

Aase Prøitz. Photo: Jo Hjelle/Skeivt arkiv
Aase Prøitz. Photo: Jo Hjelle/Skeivt arkiv
Aase Prøitz was for many years a central figure in Åpen Kirkegruppe ("Open Church Group"), an activist group working to change attitudes to LGBT people in the Norwegian Lutheran Church.

Prøitz was born in New Dehli, India where her father worked as a diplomat. She was married as a young woman, and she stayed married to her husband for many years. They also had a child toghether. When she finally decided to live as a lesbian, as she puts it, she became a part of The Open Church Group, a Christian fellowship for lesbians and gays. She devoted much of her energy and resources here for many years.

In an extract from her interview, she tells the story of how she got involved with the project Rosa Kompetanse, which visits schools and talks to young people about being gay. It was not always a pleasant experience.

Our conversation with Aase Prøitz is available at our study space. She was interviewed in Oslo, April 2019.


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