Ellen Mortensen (born 1953)

Ellen Mortensen. Photo: Skeivt arkiv
Ellen Mortensen. Photo: Skeivt arkiv
Ellen Mortensen is a notable feminist and research based at the University of Bergen, and has among other things been active in DNF-48, Sappho, Lesbisk front and LLH.

In the interview she speaks of her childhood in Brønnøysund and the road to professorship, with parts of her education and research undertaken in the US. Mortensen is the author of several books, including The feminine og nihilism (1994) og Touching Thought: Ontology and Sexual Difference (2002).

She is also a central person at the Center for women and gender studies at the University of Bergen. 

In this excerpt from her interview, Mortensen speaks of her desire to be a mother, and how she returned from a research stay in the US with a doctorate degree and a pregnancy. 

The interview in full is available at Skeivt arkiv's reading room at UiB. Skeivt arkiv met Ellen Mortensen in Bergen, May 2017.