Queer cultural year 2022

Homodagene i 1993. Foto: Løvetannarkivet
Homodagene i 1993. Foto: Løvetannarkivet
2022 marks the 50 year anniversary of decriminalisation of sex between men in Norway, when section 213 in the Norwegian Penal Code was lifted. In order to address this, Skeivt arkiv, the National Museum and the National Library will collaborate to communicate and discuss queer art, culture and history all over Norway.

Queer, diverse and sometimes provocative stories and ideas are, and have always been, important for fellowship and development in a society, and the queer view on ourselves and the world makes nuances and diversity more visible. It is often forgotten that the queer have given highly important contributions to our common cultural heritage, and fought for openness that benefits all of society. However, large parts of the history of queer Norway is not yet written and we still know too little about our queer culture and history.

Diving into the archives

Towards 2022, in collaboration with Skeivt arkiv, the National Museum and the National Library will therefore dive into our national archives to look closer on which unique objects and documents that can illuminate our queer history.  Little research has been done on queer culture and history in Norway. Skeivt arkiv has, since 2013, worked to facilitate more of this research, through collecting, documenting and preserving everything that can illuminate Norwegian queer history. On the occasion of the anniversary of decriminalization of sex between men, the National Museum and the National Library join us in the work to identify, arrange and digitalise sources for queer culture and history in books, journals, films and photo to facilitate for research and communication. Together we aim to increase the base of knowledge, as well as create a national understanding and celebration of this little known, but highly important, part of Norwegian history, which so far to a great degree has been overlooked.

Activities during the anniversary year

The National Museum will be filled with different activities, exhibitions and events looking at art, architecture, design and crafts with a queer view throughout the whole anniversary year in 2022. Furthermore, the Norwegian Institute of Local History at the National Library will produce a poster exhibition on queer local history which will be sent to all Norwegian public libraries. 

We invite all institutions, researchers and individuals to join us in unearthing and showcasing queer history all over the country as we move forwards towards 2022, and to join us in celebrating this milestone in queer norwegian history.