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Four same-sex couples on stage. First on the left is a lesbian couple kissing, with matching white wedding dresses. The second couple is a gay couple with matching white suits. The third one is a gay couple in leather, kissing. The fourth one is a gay couple in matching suits, looking at each other. Above them is a banderoll with the name of the the event: Vapautuspäivät 1994, lesboliitto, homohäät - lesbian marriage, gay wedding.
"Vapautuspäivät" march and celebration in Helsinki, 1994. Photo: Tuula Juvonen. The Finnish Labour Museum Werstas.

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Seminar in Helsinki 11 October 2023: Trusting Queer Archives

NnAQH invites archivists, museum workers, queer and history scholars, activists and other people interested in queer history to a seminar on queer archives/queering archives and on creating trust in collecting practices. Go to the event page for more information about the seminar.