Workshop: Queers make history!

Queer zine.
Queer zine.
Make a zine and be part of our exhibition «Decriminalizing History».

The Norwegian Queer Archive invites you (and the world) to a workshop via Zoom. Your work might very well end up in our new exhibition in Bergen, Norway.
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Everyone has the right to a past, and queer people can trace ourselves through history from the very beginning. Nonetheless, so many from the LGBT community find our history very late and with much difficulty. Our lives, themselves, are part of this genealogy, and our hands make history every day.


This three-hours hands-on workshop will introduce you to the queer art of zines, and encourage you to engage with and respond to LGBT history. You will be provided with a list of images and quotes to kickstart your ideas, and by the end of the workshop you will have a mini zine (or at least a representative image) that can be featured in the exhibition Decriminalizing History, which will open at the Humanities Library of the University of Bergen in September.  

Dig into the archive

You will need to have access to A4 paper, pens, glue or sticky dots, scissors and an assortment of images and textures - go rummage through your recycling bin! Access to a printer is advantageous but not necessary. Participants are encouraged to dig into the website of The Queer Archive (Skeivt Arkiv), choose an object, a person, or a historical moment and use it as a main theme for your zines.

The workshop

The workshop is delivered via Zoom, in English. The facilitator will use Google Jamboards as a repository for slides and images, where you can upload your own zines - a Google account is required for advanced access to this. There will be plenty of time to have a break and move around during the workshop.

We plan a catch up get together two weeks after the workshop to see your progress.

Who is there?

About the facilitator: Jonah Coman (he/him) is a trained LGBT historian, teacher and tour guide. His art practice encompasses textile and paper work to explore queer bodies, boundaries and time. His award-winning Medieval Miscellanies, as well as other zines, can be found on

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Queers make history!

3-hours hands-on workshop, Friday 3. June, 5.00 pm – 8.00 pm.
The workshop is delivered via Zoom, in English. Sign up and we will send you a link for the workshop.
Facilitator: Jonah Coman

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This will be both fun and interesting. And most of all: We can't wait to see what you will come up with!