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Her er det, min historie.

Om Karl Kollektiv. vår vakre hjem på Møhlenpris. Vår beautiful taket har fire rom, leid ut til forskjellige personer. Ikke av de nåværende leietakere satte navnet Karl. Ærlig, jeg vet ikke hvem som heter det. Leiligheten er full av postkort sendt til folk som levde før oss. Vi inviterer folk til en fest, og noen ganger de sier "oh, jeg har vært her før, jeg kjenner noen som pleide å bo her og så og så". Det var en drosjesjåfør (når jeg ga ham adressen) som sa "oh, du bor i Karl Kollektiv". Det er kjent, bare hvis du er utenlandsk eller (en annen norsk :) Denne leiligheten er en ekte regnbue! mer fargerik enn dette Erasmus-hus i filmen "L'Auberge Espagnoleé" Jeg skal skrive resten på engelsk … Kan ikke tenke og skrive på norsk på samme tid :)

Karl Kollektiv is a place, where you can actually meet people you call family after a short while. There are more lesbians-gays-gender confused/curious people who pass here. Who would go to Fincken? Seriously.  I met the most beautiful minds here, peruvian, lithuanian, american, spanish, catalan, norwegian, half swedish half american, half french half brasilian. One day, somebody (maybe me!) will make a movie about this kollektiv.

Ok, back to my story. Year 2009, I was living outside of the city. I had an invitation to Karl Kollektiv for a birthday party. I was so tired, I did not want to go at all. Somehow, something poked me that day. I found myself at the bus going to Møhlenpris, with a bottle of whiskey and carrot cake for the bday girl whom I barely know! I went there, as usually, everybody is super friendly and sharing. Within 5 minutes my whole mode changed. I was talking with people, laughing, drinking responsibly :) and there she was, the bday girl, so gorgeous, wearing a blue dress, nice sandals, a seductive perfume. She gave me a big hug and a wide smile taking the cake from me. well. She looked way too str8 at that time you know :0 I was talking with a girl I don’t remember her name. She had a beautiful smile, and reminded me of Julia Roberts. As soon as I started to chit chat with her, the bday girl grabbed me from my arm and took me to the balcony for a smoke. We were 5-6 people. She was kind of cuddlish, and well ok, I am no stupid, she was hitting on me. You know the curious heterosexuals. I was kind of suprised as the apartment was full with latino guys who were wandering around her like flees! Good looking men, with high level of testosterone and disgusting cologne! She approached me and said to my ear" is it possible to kiss you" I said "sure", and I drank my beer. and I went inside, kind of excited. why no to get laid tonight, and come on. She was gorgeous! night was growing. we were getting more drunk, there were some weed. and then this girl managed to find me within the group. I was sitting on the sofa. She sit next to me and said "lets smoke a cigarette in my room". I went, we made out. The rest of the people did not see the birthday girl after that :) I vaguely remember how I freaked out :) well, I was even thinking " fuck I am not shaved!" and so. the girl was amazing. and everything was amazing. I had the best love-making (at that time. Now, I have a better sex life :) ) for that time. Next day, we woke up, it was only Brando the peruvian guy at home. He saw us getting out of the room together. No questioning no sarcastic comment, he was so kind. that group of people are the most liberal collection of students ever. we had breakfast, we made more love.

I had heaven and hell for the following 6 months. What happened.  She had a boyfriend, she dumped her boyfriend for me. It took almost 6 months for her to decide. during this 6 months, I was literally heartsick and tortured :) we become lovers, flatmates and all. then it ended, by giving birth to an amazing friendship. My conclusion. 1) you live once, live the hell out of it. Nothing to lose. I live in Karl Kollektiv now. this girl is my neighbour, she has a boyfriend now. I have no sexual feeling for her. Still, she is my family, and I could kill someone for her or give her one of my kidneys. That much we love and respect each other. believe it or not. some do manage to establish a great friendship after. you don't need to live a drama.:) 2) Sometimes, you can find a queer adventure, outside of the queer boundaries. You don't need to look for someone at specific locales. eventually, queer people are everyWHERE! I have someone special as well:) my significant other.

She deserves a whole story of her own. well, one day when I propose her, then I write it here! lesbian,27